Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Connect to xbox live - Xbox live gold cheap

How to connect to xbox live gold in a cheap way? Surely you jest?

This means that you can connect to xbox live gold without going broke in the process :D

If you check some of my adverts you will see some ebay offers for xbox live gold subscriptions. This is one potential source of cheap xbox live gold subscriptions.

One method I have used is to go to your local gaming store and check any clearance areas. You might find some xbox live gold memberships that are going to expire and get some good discount!

If you already have a subscription to xbox live gold then make sure you get a free xbox diamond card before your gold subscription expires! It will give you some discount on your new subscription!

Xbox live gold subscription action!

What are the benefits of connecting to xbox live gold over xbox live silver?

Xbox silver is essentially microsoft's freebie subscription. Its not bad and includes:

  • The online reputation and achievement system (so your friends can see your amazing/crap gaming abilities)
  • Your own custom avatar (you get to modify a toon's features and dress up)
  • A friends list so you can chat and text.
  • Access to the market place. You can get free demos, trailers, music videos etc.
  • You can use the microsoft point system to buy game expansions, extra maps, arcade games and lots of other things.
When you connect to xbox live gold however, you get all of the above PLUS :

  • The ability to play co-op or against your friends in multiplayer games (lets face it..this is why you connect to xbox live)
  • Marketplace extras. You get exclusive downloads compared to xbox live silver.
  • Apparently with xbox live gold you get a trueskill matched ranking. So basically they take your stats and find a guy with almost the same stats. Genius O.o

Hope this helps you make a decision!:) My other 'how to connect wirelessly to xbox live' guides can be selected from the left sidebar or here:

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Now go connect to xbox live gold in a cheap way!
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